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artless-earth-is-eh said: is that all drawn!? its so amazingly good! good luck!

It is.  Thank so much!!!


Finally, after about…oh say…70 hours of work, I officially have my entry finished (and a lovely bruise on my finger from holding a pencil for so long!)  I couldn’t help myself.  While I should have been doing a whole bunch of other things, I was worthless until I entered Cassie Clare’s contest for a chance at owning my very own Clockwork Prince ARC.  I know what you’re thinking…70 hours! Is she crazy?  No, well maybe, but hey, I might win! If you have read any of Cassie Clare’s amazing Mortal Instruments or Infernal Devices series, you would know, these books are awesome, and this contest is not to be passed up!

My entry is of Magnus Bane from the Infernal Devices series.  My intentions were to combine his character with the steampunk style of the books.  Magnus is featured in all his bare-chested magnificence, sporting a gear monocle, demon-skin cane, and fabulous steampunk clothing.  He is standing in front of Big Ben, and what time is it? 12:06?  A date that holds some significance if you are like me…the release date of Clockwork Prince!

"The High Warlock of London"

18”x24” mixed-media: Prisma pencils, pastels, ink(stippling), and acrylic

This was so much fun to do, and I hope you enjoy my portrayal of Magnus!